What are The Havening Techniques?
The Havening Techniques are a healing method that is designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic encoding. The Havening Techniques use sensory input to alter thought, mood and behavior. They have three (3) distinct applications;
a) Emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma
b) Wellness, stress management, and peak performance
c) Self-help tool 
What Types Of Problems Do The Havening Techniques Address?
The consequences of traumatic encoding and stressful life events can be physical and psychological. While we can't provide any guarantees, The Havening Techniques have been shown to help with:

  • Phobias
  • Chronic pain
  • Distressing memories (broken relationships, shocking news, loss, embarrassment)
  • Victims of natural and man-made disasters (hurricanes, floods/war, fire, assault, 
  • Anger
  • Fear of Abandonment
  • Grief
  • Cravings
  • PTSD
  • Panic Attacks
  • Emotional eating and many other problems.

The Havening Techniques® FAQs

Eileen Stith, C. Ht.

Are the results of a Session of The Havening Techniques Permanent?
While the Havening Techniques are a relatively new healing approach and has yet to be fully researched, we've observed that after successfully applying The Havening Techniques it appears to be permanent in most cases. The occasional return of symptoms implies either the traumatic core has not yet been found or the problem has been encoded in a different way.

Is The Havening Techniques A Form Of Hypnosis?
No. The Havening Techniques do not involve a hypnotic trance. The client is always aware of their feelings, thoughts, and surroundings and participates fully in the process.

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We believe the consequences of trauma and stressful life events are stored in the brain and are activated by conscious or inadvertent recall. Once this recall occurs, symptoms are generated. The Havening Techniques are designed to disrupt this pathway through a process called synaptic depotentiation; literally, it is as if we darken a room by pulling a plug on a lit lamp. Although we can’t provide any guarantees, after performing The Havening Techniques the emotions and sometimes even the ability to recall the memory can be extinguished.

Exactly How Does The Havening Technique Work?

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